An innovative renewable energy solutions provider for residential and business customers.

We collaborate with leading renewable energy technology providers to design, develop, fund and manage solar energy generation and storage solutions.

By ‘flipping the grid’ we break the bonds with coal-fire-powered centralised grid energy providers and empower people to live a better life through the power of knowledge, innovation, independence and community.

Net Zero Energy Journey

Committed to journey of Net Zero Energy.

At Juice Energy, we are committed to taking our customers on a journey of Net Zero Energy. That is, a balance between the energy a home or business consumes, and the renewable energy it generates.

This is achieved by combining energy-efficient principles and renewable energy technologies.

Purchase Power Agreement

Protect your business against rising prices.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) enables your business to make the switch to solar energy without having to pay anything for the solar system or its installation. Rather than owning, maintaining and operating a solar system, you purchase only its power.

You’ll be able to protect your business against rising grid energy prices by locking in a low daytime energy rate and making savings from day one.

Monitoring and control technologies

Manage peak energy loads by stored energy.

We implement smart grid technologies for real-time monitoring, communication, and control, allowing our customers to adjust energy usage based on real-time supply 
and demand.

This empowers them to automatically manage peak energy loads by using stored energy during times of high electricity demand.

Electric Vehicle Smart Chargers

At Juice Energy, we offer electric vehicle smart chargers that use power management for load balancing and power sharing.

EV smart chargers offer greater flexibility, efficiency, and control over the charging process, enhancing the user experience and contributing to energy management and sustainability goals. 

By connecting the EV charger to a solar system, you can avoid the costly upgrades to three-phase power.