Credit Policy


Overview of Juice Energy & Juice Capital’s Credit Process

The Juice Energy Group includes Juice Energy, Juice Capital, Juice Capital Energy and Horan and Bird. Reference to Juice Energy below relates to any of these entities.


A behind the meter Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract to purchase electricity generated by a Solar PV System installed at your premises. A solar PPA requires a third-party funding source to build own and operate the Solar PV system.

Juice Energy sources funds for it’s PPA product from the Australian Capital Markets.

As part of the due diligence process Institutions in the Capital Markets review Juice Energy’s process, procedures and responsibilities. This due diligence process includes a review of the Juice Energy lending Policy. Juice Energy’s Lending policy is a set of guidelines and criteria developed and used by the company and its employees to reach a decision on a credit application for a Juice Capital Energy PPA. Juice Energy and all employees/contractors must comply with the lending policy.

Core Requirements

The core requirements for credit approval are:

  • a. Commercial transactions only to SMEs, Large Companies, Major Corps, Professionals, Government, Schools, Major Religious Groups, Associations, and Sole Traders
  • b. Minimum time in business 2 years
  • c. Equipment to be used by the borrowing entity
  • d. 84 to 360-month terms
  • e. Clear Credit Reference Agency Searches on the commercial applicant/s and Guarantors Personal Guarantees (subject to exceptions)
  • f. Ownership or primary leaseholder of the property subject to the installation
  • g. New equipment only, installed to Juice Energy requirements and checklists
  • h. Vendor and installer must be accredited and have executed respective agreements.
  • i. A$ transactions only
Credit Review Process

To determine credit worthiness of a corporate client, Juice Energy uses tools such as:

  • 1. Credit Agency reports, which can provide comprehensive information about a company’s financial history.
  • 2. Audited Financial Statements, which can provide a view of the business’s liquidity, profitability and cashflow.
Credit Reference Agency Search
A business credit score can provide a sense of the financial position of the business. The credit score is one of the indicators used by banks and lenders including Juice Energy in assessing the risk of lending to a business. The credit report is based on commercial credit information only. The Credit report is run $0 value as a utility provider.
Timing of Credit Review
Receipt of an application triggers a credit review. If no application is received, but an offer of credit is requested by way of an agreement, Juice Energy will request a credit report.